Compendium of Key Multilateral Environmental Agreements to Which Ethiopia Is a Party

Environmental risks have become increasingly apparent in the second half of the twentieth century, resulting in the evolution of modern international environmental law as a branch of international law. This is particularly true since the 1970s, which saw the proliferation of several multilateral environmental instruments, both of regional and universal application.

Ethiopia has also been keeping up by ratifying these multilateral environmental agreements particularly in the last two decades. According to Article 55 (12) of the FDRE Constitution, the House of Peoples’ Representatives has the power to ratify international agreements concluded by the Executive, which, pursuant to Article 9 (4) of the FDRE Constitution, are an integral part of the law of the land.  However, the full contents of these international agreements are not displayed on the enabling legislations, which has impacted on the understanding and effective implementation of the agreements. With a view to closing this gap, this Compendium contains some of the key multilateral environmental agreements that Ethiopia has ratified. The international agreements included in this Compendium and their arrangement was made by making thorough reference to similar works and prominent books on environmental law.


The Compendium, hence, brings together the key multilateral environmental agreements in Ethiopia, and as such attempts to contribute to the dialogue on the environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in the country. The website also offers the perfect platform for discussion on matters of relevance to the issues covered in the Compendium and beyond. It is maintained that the Compendium is useful for, inter alia, government officials, judges, prosecutors, practitioners, scholars, researchers, students, international organizations, the private sector and civil society organizations.