Compendium of key environmental laws of Ethiopia

Although the legislative history of Ethiopia demonstrates that laws relating to the environment go as far back as a century, the past two decades saw the proliferation of environmental laws in the country. During this period, numerous laws have been enacted and many international agreements have been ratified. This is especially true since the FDRE Constitution entered into force and the Negarit Gazeta was established in 1995. However, the familiarity of the public with the laws is very much limited.

This Compendium offers a one-stop-shop for the key laws dealing with the environment in Ethiopia. It incorporates not only the proclamations enacted by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, but also some of the implementing regulations issued by the Council of Ministers by July 2016. The laws included and their arrangement was made by making thorough reference to similar works and prominent materials on environmental law. It should be noted that the Compendium contains the laws published in the Federal Negarit Gazeta, although most of these laws are applicable in the States referred to under Article 47 of the FDRE Constitution.


The Compendium brings together the key environmental laws in Ethiopia, and as such attempts to contribute to the dialogue on the environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in Ethiopia. The website offers the perfect platform for discussion on matters of relevance to the issues covered in the Compendium and beyond. It is maintained that the Compendium is useful for, inter alia, government officials, judges, prosecutors, practitioners, scholars, researchers, students, international organizations, the private sector and civil society organizations.